marți, 27 septembrie 2016

How can you get a transfer to bucharest

If you are visiting ROmania for the first time then you can be sure that there are not going to be any problems with your integration in that kind of country - as there are a lot of people there that are speaking at least 2 international languages - usually french and english -> but english more, which is in fact the most wide spreaded foreign language.

Bucharest is one of the bigest metropols of Europe and one of the largest cities where someone can live in and it is over 2.000.000 inhabitants that are having a good life in a good, well developed city.

If you are going to arrive in Bucharest by plane, then you are more likely to land on the Otopeni airport, from the northern part of Bucharest which means that you will need to get a cab in order to travel to the city center, and if you like and afford a car with driver, that would escort you throughout Bucharest I am going to recommend you some local companies, like RentCarWithDriver, which only has very nice Mercedes cars or small vans that are going to offer a lot of luxury for a price that is very competitive (at least if we are going to compare it with the price of the transportation in United States or in the Western parts of Europe).

So - for a transfer to Bucharest you can always get a local company, as the cars are way better than the cars of the international renting companies and the price is better.

Local transportation is also very good - we recommend the local taxi compamnies, as they are really cheap, but also the local transportation (sub way and tram or bus) can be excellent outside of the peak hours, when the whole city is very crowded.

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